The influence of therapeutic mentoring and counseling is transformative when led by the power of Christ. Your story doesn't end with your trauma; with my three-fold, divine approach, it can become your testimony of transformation and new life.

The best is yet to come for you and your family. True change begins here and now!

Healing can begin now.

About Me

I believe God has a way of bringing everything together for His powerful purpose.

Sandra is a multifaceted author, trainer, public speaker, educator, and health and wellness advocate who has overcome insurmountable odds through faith in Yeshua Christ. She earned a Master's in Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University and her doctorate in Community Care and Counseling Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. The intersection of her lived experiences through trauma, her recovery, and her studies in psychology, traumatology, and transgenerational trauma, ordained her with the golden thread of kinship.

Like a seed that breaks and dies to experience new life, her shattered life experiences serve to help others heal and gain the knowledge it takes to break free from the strongholds of oppression, addiction, abuse, trauma, and despair.

My name is Dr. Sandra Maria Anderson. The answer to the call of ministry required the death of the ego and the rebirth and restoration of the soul. Recovery isn't easy, but it is worth it.

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What is the book really about? Read the synopsis below and see how this book will take readers on a journey beginning with trauma and ending with healing and freedom.

You may find your own secrets hiding here, and the courage to find your voice, take back your life, and begin to heal through the power of the risen Christ.

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The Author paints a picture far beyond just words. Her words come alive with vivid breath. Honestly, I am not the same person I was before reading her book. The wealth of emotions I experienced through her struggle has pierced my heart to its very core. This book has given me an even greater depth of empathy for the struggles of others through life injustices. We must remember that everyone has a story, and we never know what someone else has had to endure to make them who they are.



Amazing, gripping, emotional, triumphant, The Author brings the story to life with vivid details you will be able to touch and feel. A roller-coaster ride that I will read again.

Fear is a great crippler, but truth is a great liberator. The Author tells her truth to free herself from a life-threatening past and she holds back nothing. Every reader will be liberated as well.

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This book is making a difference in the lives of it's readers. After receiving an overflow of love and gratitude from the book, we decided to create a short video to honor survivors and highlight the impact.

Take a look at this video testimonial and see for yourself why so many people have made "Lessons from the Thorns..." a staple in their life testifying to the healing power of God's Word.